Friday, 10 June 2011

Yet another collection of funny and cute photos

A wolf-sized bite
Wolf Dog takes a bite of another
Trick or Treat?
Dogs dressed up in ghost / halloween costumes
This guy must be extra cozy!
Guy sleeping with lots of cats
You’d be P$$$#% off too if you had this haircut!
Poor cat with a hair shaved off
Poor cat with a hair shaved off
A scared little fawn
Scared little fawn / deer
Looks like it’s been adopted!
Fawn sleeping with Dog
Fawn and dog cuddling
Hush puppies?
Small puppy in a slipper
Down with discrimination!
Dog with a No Dogs sign in mouth
Moose and cat face-off
Moose checking out a little cat
Love me tender…
A llama or goat with a wonderful smile
Baby giraffe gets a kiss on the head
Mama giraffe kisses baby on head
Hanging on…
Little frog hangs on to a bud
It’s a’s a plane…no…it’s Super DOG!
Flying dog
I want to come too!
Little yellow duck looks at other ducklings
Dog-wash machine?
Dog inside a dishwasher
Sound asleep
A dog in an unusual pose on a sofa
Who said dogs hate cats?
Big dog licking a small kitten
Don’t you wish YOU had a hammock?
A small dog sleeping on a hammock
I want it all! So cats ARE selfish after all…
Cat stretched out over two baskets
A tight fit
A kitten in a slipper
These cats have it made…
Cats stand and drink milk from a cow
A great place to cat-nap
Cat sleeping in the heating system
And another…cats do find the best places to sleep, don’t
Cat sleeping in wardrobe hangers
Smells good
Cat smelling / sniffing a flower
Have a break…Have a Kitty-Cat?
Baby takes a bite of a cat's tail

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